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Journals for Textile Science

Journals for Textile Science with open access

The Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics

Communications in Development and Assembling of Textile Products

Journal of fiber bioengineering and informatics

Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Autex Research Journal

Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe — Home page

Fibers and Textiles

Library access (not all papers are open access)

Textile Research Journal

The Journal of the Textile Institute

Journal of Industrial Textiles

TextilPlus (in German)

Melliand Textilberichte (in German)

Where to look for literature

DigiBib (avalable from the library or university Network!)

How to write systematic literature review

How to write master thesis



Statistical Software

Software for computations

Software for chemical equations

Software for nice mathematical equations

The most popular one is MathType, it is not free, but the money are their value, it integrates very well in Word

Free alternatives

List of FREE Software electronics, CAD, FEM

Developer and Power User Tools

Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

Nice places

MAYAEYE - Bulgarian mountains and more

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