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Modelling and Predicting Textile Behaviour, 1st Edition

Modelling and Predicting Textile Behaviour

Modelling and Predicting Textile Behaviour, 1st Edition

Part 1 Modelling the structure and behaviour of textiles: Structural hierarchy in textile materials: An overview; Fundamental modelling of textile fibrous structures; Yarn modelling; Modelling the structures and properties of woven fabrics; Modelling of nonwoven materials;

Kyosev, Y., Renkens, W., Modelling and visualization of knitted fabrics.

Part 2 Case studies: Modelling of fluid flow and filtration through woven fabrics; Modelling, simulation and control of textile dyeing; Modelling colour properties for textiles; 3D modelling, simulation and visualisation techniques for drape textiles and garments; Recognition, differentiation and classification of regular repeating patterns in textiles; Modelling of 3D cellular textile composites for protection against trauma impact; Development and application of expert systems in the textile industry.

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