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Braiding Technology for Textiles, 1st Edition

Advances in Braiding Technology, 1st Edition

Principles, Design and Processes
Specialized Techniques and Applications
Editor Yordan Kyosev
Advances in Braiding Technology Advanced in braiding technology in in Science direct

Topology-Based Modeling of Textile Structures and Their Joint Assemblies

Warp Knitted Fabrics Construction

Fuzzy Relational Calculus

Ketty Peeva and Yordan Kyosev
Fuzzy Relational Calculus: Theory, Applications and Software [With CDROM] (Advances in Fuzzy Systems-Applications and Theory)

Recent Developments in Braiding and Narrow Weaving

Narrow and Smart Textiles

Editors Yordan Kyosev, Boris Mahltig and Anne Schwarz-Pfeiffer
Narrow and Smart Textiles, 2018

Inorganic and Composite Fibers

Editors Boris Mahltig and Yordan Kyosev
Inorganic and Composite Fibers, 2018

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